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Clean, modern web designs that are responsive and optimized for all browsers including mobile devices. I also have experience with developing multilingual websites with WPML. Get your project or business online or update your out of date web site. I can help you from start to finish.


Domain + Site + Email

Web Design

WordPress + Squarespace


Google + Bing + Search

Social Media

Facebook + Instagram + G+


Newsletters + Marketing

Online Sales

WooCommerce + PayPal

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David G. Schurman President, Festival Bloomsday Montreal

David G. Schurman President, Festival Bloomsday Montreal

All of us at the Bloomsday Festival have worked extremely well with Tom and we will miss his expertise, competence and good nature. I have no hesitation in giving the highest recommendation. Should you require additional information call at 450-671-8516 or 438-969-3300. David G. Schurman President, Festival Bloomsday Montreal May 29, 2018
David G. Schurman President, Festival Bloomsday Montreal

Some clients I’ve worked with…

Totem Tea & Spice (website)

Atelier d’art Métèque (website)

La Semaine des ARTS NDG ARTS Week (website)

Julia C Pomeroy (website)

Festival Bloomsday Montréal (website)

Lu & Ju Boutique (website)

Honey Valley Beekeeping (website)

Great Outdoor Designs by Colucci, flyfishing (website)

Estate of Charles Gagnon, artist (website)

Olive St Henri

Kevin Jenne, artist (website)

Atelier Six Design (website)

Web Hosting Canada

I recommend you check these guys out for web hosting. Local to Montreal, responsive, fast, stable. I’ve put multiple clients with WHC for hosting. Contact me if you’d like help getting set up.


Let’s discuss your web project. I’d love to share some ideas on how you can get online or redesigned quickly.


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